New French…

Remember how in style was french manicure a couple of years ago? Well it is still in fashion but in a totally different way. Forget about the clear pink with a white tip, now you can  practically use any colour you like. There is also no rule on where the line should be. You can have it at the bottom, or even at the corner. And they don’t even have to be straight. Here are some great ideas to get inspired.

 Line on the tip

Choose two colours that you think match. The one darker than the other one. Paint your whole nail, let it dry and paint the tip of your nail with the other colour.

4           5

The line does not necessarily has to be straight. You can paint one edge, or both edges to make it look like a triangle.

8                    3

Line on bottom

Again choose any colours you like. Paint your whole nail the colour you want the least to show. Let it dry. Then paint your whole nail with the other colour leaving the end part. Its your choice if you want the line to be straight, curvy, thin or fat.

1               7

 Vertical lines

Choose any two colours you like. Paint the whole nail, let it dry and then make a thick vertical line.

9 10 11

You can also make a very thin line at the center of your nail. This will make your nails look longer.